Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

维权律师持续受压 担心重现709时期 (Rights lawyer continues to face suppression, concerned about possible repeat of 709 crackdown)
Radio Free Asia, July 18, 2017

709之殤—我的709經歷│709受害人隋牧青律師 (Sui Muqing: My experience as a 709 victim)
Inmediahk, July 18, 2017

广东江门被刑拘牧师获释 限制出境 (Criminally detained priest in Guangdong gets released but banned from crossing the border)
Radio Free Asia, July 17, 2017

内蒙古牧民因保卫草场被判刑25个月后出狱 (Herder in Inner Mongolia gets released after 25 months in prison for protecting grassland)
Radio Free Asia, July 17, 2017

RFA独家:新疆伊犁80哈萨克族人被捕 昭苏县一阿訇被判刑八年 (RFA Exclusive: In Xinjiang, 80 Kazakhs arrested in Yili, Imam sentenced to 8 years in Zhaosu)
Radio Free Asia, July 17, 2017