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Friday, March 30, 2007

March 30, 2007

Top News of the Day

Human Rights Defenders - Sun Xiaodi (孙小弟)
公安威胁将再次逮捕孙小弟 (Public Security Threatens to Arrest Sun Xiaodi Again)
Radio Free Asia, March 29, 2007

Wife of Environment Activist Sun Xiaodi has been harassed by local police after Sun reportedly escaped surveillance to seek medical treatment in Beijing recently. She has been threatened with the arrest of her husband if she refuses to tell the police Sun's contact information in Beijing.

Corporate Social Accountability
We Follow Labor Laws: McDonald's
South China Morning Post, March 30, 2007

Yahoo!, Google Abet Censorship in China: Amnesty
Monster and Critics, March 29, 2007

河南农民叫板教育乱收费 两个女儿被逼辍学 (Henan Farmer Accuses School of Arbitrary Fees, His Two Daughters are Forced to Drop Out of School)
Xinhuanet, March 30, 2007

Ethnic Minorities
中国少数民族规划部份内容有针对 (Ethnic Minority Affairs Plan Criticized for Bias Against Uyghurs and Tibetans )
Voice of America, March 29, 2007

Official: China Has No Racial Discrimination
China Daily, March 30, 2007

中国已有12省区市取消农业和非农业二元户口划分 (12 Provinces, Regions and Municipalities Unify Urban and Rural Household Registration)
Nanfang City News, March 30, 2007

京塌地盘迟报7小时 (Seven Hours Delay in Reporting Beijing Tunnel Collapse)
Ming Pao, March 30, 2007

Land Policy
Guangdong Considers New Land Proposals
South China Morning Post, March 30, 2007

四川自贡市再次发生政府强行征地事件 (Violent Clashes Over Forced Eviction Reported Again in Zigong City in Sichuan
Radio Free Asia, March 29, 2007

最高法:支持行政领导出庭应诉 但不宜强制 (Supreme People's Court Agrees that Officials Attending Administrative Trials Should be Encouraged, But Not Compulsory)
Xinhuanet, March 30, 2007

昝爱宗和浦志强谈博客言论遭封杀经历 (Journalist Zan Aizong and Rights Lawyer Pu Zhiqiang Speak on China's Blog Blocking)
Radio Free Asia, March 29, 2007

周文重暗示增军费涉反恐 (Chinese Ambassador Hints at Increase in Military Expenditure the Result of Anti-Terrorism Efforts)
Ming Pao, March 30, 2007

China Blasts Attempts to Link Olympics to Darfur Issue
People's Daily, March 30, 2007

Farrow Blasts Spielberg for Role in Beijing `Genocide Olympics'
The Standard, March 30, 2007

Protests and Petitions
调查称中国上访群众常遭殴打拘留 (Beatings and Detention of Petitioners Common, Survey Shows)
Voice of America, March 29, 2007

当局追捕退伍军人上访组织者 (Authorities Track Down Organizer Who Plans to Stage Protest with Veteran Military Officers Over Welfare Benefits)
Radio Free Asia, March 30, 2007

公安部要求建立群体性事件处置机制 (Public Security Bureau Calls to Establish System to Deal with Mass Incidents), March 30, 2007

重庆“钉子户”事件内幕调查 (Chongqing Initiates 'Nail House' Probe)
Nanfang Weekend, March 29, 2007

医院误诊导致死亡 家属群众要求赔偿 (Family Demands Hospital Compensate for Treatment Delay)
Radio Free Asia, March 29, 2007