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Friday, June 22, 2007

June 22, 2007

Top News of the Day
Human Rights Defender – Chen Guangcheng (陈光诚)
袁伟静叙述监狱对陈光诚遭殴打事件的调查 (Chen Guangcheng Beaten in Jail)
Radio Free Asia, June 21, 2007

Chen Guangcheng (陈光诚) was beaten in a Shandong prison, his wife Yuan Weijing told RFA on June 21. Chen said six to seven people kicked and slapped him, causing visible injuries to his ribs. His lawyer said the beating happened after he refused to have his hair shaved off like other inmates. The prison authorities, however, said no injuries were found on Chen's body.


Fast-Growing China Says Little of Child Slavery’s Role
New York Times, June 21, 2007

Death Penalty
石家庄涉黑大案一审:10人死刑 4人死缓 4人无期 (10 Sentenced to Death in Hebei Triad Case)
Legal Daily, June 22, 2007

临汾有煤有炭无蓝天 (Blue Sky and Fruit Trees in Linfen, Shanxi Disappear Amid Persistent Pollution)
Ming Pao, June 22, 2007

China: Criticism of CO2 Emissions Unfair
Associated Press (via YahooNews), June 21, 2007

Crackdown on Bribes Given to TV Censors
South China Morning Post, June 22, 2007

《中国县域经济报》记者苗葳因批评报社而被迫辞职 (Reporter Miao Wei Resigns After Criticizing His Newspaper)
Radio Free Asia, June 21, 2007

北京全市娱乐场所摄像头将与警方联网 (CCTV Monitoring of Entertainment Places in Beijing to Get Connected to Police Ahead of Olympics), June 22, 2007

简要新闻∶ 北京奥运村人民法庭周四揭幕 (In Brief: People's Court in Olympic Village Starts Operation on June 21)
Radio Free Asia, June 21, 2007

Protests and Petitions
Mining Sparks Clash in Tibetan Area of Sichuan
Radio Free Asia, June 21, 2007

Mobilised by Mobile
The Economist, June 21, 2007

广州数百复转军人省府上访 代表遭公安暴打胸椎骨折 (Representative of Demobilized Soldiers Severely Beaten by Police in Guangzhou over Petition on Retirement Treatment)
Radio Free Asia, June 21, 2007

陕建八居民再遭暴力袭击七人住院 厂方称拆迁正常 (Seven Evictees Beaten by Thugs Employed by Eviction Companies in Xi'an)
Radio Free Asia, June 21, 2007

新疆监狱残疾人呼救 刑满遭关押13年 (Xinjiang Prison Prolongs Detention of Inmate for 13 Years After He Was Paralyzed Due to Prison Labor Work)
Radio Free Asia, June 21, 2007

新疆维吾尔人护照警方“代为保管” (Xinjiang's Uyghurs Asked to Submit Passports to Police for “Safekeeping”)
BBC, June 22, 2007