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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 21, 2007

Top News of the Day
Human Rights Defender - Rongji Azha
Tibetan Sentenced for "Inciting to Split Country" at Sports Event
Xinhuanet, November 20, 2007
On November 20, Rongji Azha (also known as Ronggyal Adrak) was sentenced to eight years in prison by a Sichuan court for “inciting to split the country”. Xinhua reported that Rongyal “publicly instigated to split the country and undermined national unity on August 1” during a sports event in Litang, Sichuan Province. He was also reportedly responsible for a subsequent public protest at government offices and disruption of public order. (For related information, refer to our "Top news" for October 31)

Polluting Companies to Be Shut Out of Stock Market
China Daily, November 21, 2007

China's Environmental Chief Reiterates Measures to Combat Water Pollution
Xinhuanet, November 20, 2007

Fresh Faces in the Sky
Los Angeles Times, November 20, 2007,1,2921870.story

Human Rights Defenders
河南宁陵县数名艾滋病感染者被拘捕 (Four Henan HIV/AIDS Carriers Arrested in Hospital, 1 Released)
Radio Free Asia, November 20, 2007

Human Rights Defender – Li Jingsong (李劲松)
维权律师李劲松起诉北京公安 (Human Rights Lawyer Li Jingsong Sues Beijing Police over Violations of Administrative Law)
Radio Free Asia, November 20, 2007

Human Rights Defender - Li Changqing (李长青)
Imprisoned China Journalist Wins Prize
Associated Press (via YahooNews), November 20, 2007

全程同步录音录像 一把锋利的双刃剑 (Audio and Visual Recording of Criminal Interrogation Is a Double-Edged Sword)
Legal Daily, November 21, 2007

北京首例涉嫌“不报安全事故罪”嫌犯被批捕 (Local Beijing Procuratorate for First Time Orders Arrest of Man for Not Reporting on Public Emergency)
Legal Daily, November 21, 2007

世界报业协会谴责中国对互联网和新闻媒体的控制 (World Association of Newspapers Condemns China's Internet and Media Censorship)
Radio Free Asia, November 20, 2007

Nuclear Watchdog Offers Games Protection
Reuters (via The Standard), November 21, 2007

Vigilante Escapes Charges over Death of Suspected Thief
South China Morning Post, November 21, 2007

Witness to Shooting Rejects Police Claims over Doctor's Death
South China Morning Post, November 21, 2007

Protests and Petitions
湖州千人抗议警察见死不救 维权人士被问话网上议论遭删 (1,000 Zhejiang Residents Protest Police Inaction over Drowned Migrant Worker; Online Discussion on Protest Censored)
Radio Free Asia, November 20, 2007

浙江百余失地村民和平请愿 济南长清区非法暴力拆迁 (100 Zhejiang Victims of Land Grab Peacefully Petition; Evictees Beaten in Changqing, Jinan)
Radio Free Asia, November 20, 2007

湖北三百多民办教师代表上访被警方驱散 (Henan Police Disperse 300 Private School Teachers Petitioning for Retirement Benefits)
Radio Free Asia, November 20, 2007

湖南对江永粗石江镇土地强行施工 内部下发打压上访者文件? (Internal Document in Hunan Lists Amount of Cash Rewards for State Agents Who Punish Petitioners According to Law)
Radio Free Asia, November 20, 2007

State Security
4 Sentenced for Spying, Secessionist Activities
Xinhua (via, November 21, 2007