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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

February 5, 2008

Top News of the Day
Human Rights Defender - Ching Cheong (程翔)

程翔获释今返港 (Ching Cheong Released and Returns to Hong Kong)
Ming Pao, February 05, 2008
Journalist Ching Cheong (程翔) was reportedly released on parole on February 4 and returned to his Hong Kong home today. Officials in China have notified the Hong Kong government that Ching was released on parole after he finished half of his sentence on February 4 and thus meets the condition for release on parole.

Death Penalty
Death Penalty Upheld for Ant-Farm Con Man
South China Morning Post, February 05, 2008

4.6m Shiver in the Dark as Leaders Claim Victory
South China Morning Post, February 05, 2008

Chief Meteorologist Admits China 'Unprepared' for Snow Crisis
Agence France-Presse (available at YahooNews), February 05, 2008

Heaviest Snowfall in 60 Years Traps Villagers
South China Morning Post, February 05, 2008

11 Electricians Die While Restoring Power Supply in Snow-hit China
Xinhuanet, February 05, 2008

Chinese Courts Ordered to Ensure Independent Trial of Lawsuits Against Gov't
Xinhuanet, February 04, 2008

China Launches Websites to Aid Reporters Covering National People's Congress
Xinhuanet, February 04, 2008

Great Firewall of China Faces Online Rebels
New York Times, February 04, 2008

“郭泉”被封告谷歌 网民联合破禁求真 (Guo Quan Entrusts US-Based Democracy Activist to Sue Google for Censoring His Name)
Radio Free Asia, February 04, 2008

人民政协报就民教问题采访刘飞跃 文章被扣未能面世 (Newspaper Barred from Publishing Report Containing Interview with Human Rights Defender)
Radio Free Asia, February 04, 2008

Beijing Metro Stations Start Security Checks to Deter Terrorists
Xinhuanet, February 04, 2008

民生观察工作室2008年北京奥运主场馆地区失地农民调查报告 (Chinese NGO Launches Report on Forcible Eviction for Beijing Olympics)
Radio Free Asia, February 04, 2008

Olympics Accused Over Curbs on Press
Sky News, February 04, 2008,,91248-1303873,00.html?f=rss

Protests and Petitions
残疾女访民在最高法院前被打死 (Disabled Petitioner Beaten to Death in Front of Supreme People's Court )
Radio Free Asia, February 04, 2008

Social Security
China Increases Subsistence Allowance
Xinhuanet, February 04, 2008

State Security
四川一藏族喇嘛被以“危害国家安全罪”判刑 (Sichuan Lama Sentenced on "Endangering State Security" Charge)
Radio Free Asia, February 04, 2008