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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


清华教授惊人言论被斥无良 (Tsinghua professor angers public by suggesting "raping bar girls is less harmful than raping innocent women")
Beijing Morning Post, July 17, 2013

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黒幇, July 17, 2013
[昨日,身为清华大学高管的@易延友 发表言论力挺一一的律师:"强奸陪酒女比 强奸良家妇女危害性要小",被网友喷成筛子后改口为:"强奸良家妇女比强奸陪 酒女、陪舞女、三陪女、妓女危害性要大"。最基本的人人平等你特么懂么?连清 华人都这素质,国家未来堪忧啊,不多说,围观傻逼!] (Yesterday, Tsinghua University professor Yi Yanyou made the following comments in support of the lawyer of [Li Tianyi]: "raping bar girls brings less harm than raping innocent women. After a wave of criticisms online, he made a different comment: "raping innocent women is more harmful than raping bar girls, disco girls, escorts, and prostitutes." Do you even understand the basic concept of equality? If Tsinghua-educated people are like this, the future of our country is in danger.)