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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Information Control (信息控制)

中国网络大V花总“被警方控制” (Another popular blogger taken away by police)
British Broadcasting Corporation, September 17, 2013

薛蛮子央视认罪示众 网友惊叹忽如文革来 (Netizens surprised by televised confession by blogger Xue Manzi, see it as a return to the Cultural Revolution)
Voice of America, September 17, 2013

中网办鼓吹收网加强三权 牢牢掌握网路舆论话语权 (State Internet Information Office vows firm control of online opinion)
Radio Free Asia, September 17, 2013

See Lu Wei’s article
鲁炜:把网上舆论工作作为宣传工作重中之重 (Lu Wei: controlling online opinion should be top priority of propaganda work)
The People’s Daily, September 17, 2013