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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Government Accountability (政府问责)

淮南兑现拖欠15年国家赔偿金 当事人拒收并要求追责 (Huainan offers to pay 15-year overdue state compensation with interest to come, party involved wants lump-sum and seeks accountability for wrongful conviction)
Anhui Online, August 13, 2015

全国人大常委会委员:贪贿犯罪最高刑罚死刑未取消 (NPC Standing Committee Member: Death as supreme punishment for corruption will not be abolished)
China News (original not found), August 12, 2015

Excerpts from report:
“四中全会决定特别提出,要贯彻落实总体国家安全观,加快国家安全法治建设,抓紧出台一批急需法律,构建国家安全法律制度体系,已经制定国家安全法、反间谍法,正在审议反恐怖主义法、境外非政府组织管理法、网络安全法等。” "Fourth plenum agreed on establishing a comprehensive national security legal framework, accelerating implementation of governance in accordance with the National Security Law, introducing urgently needed laws, and establishing an institutional system of National Security Law. The National Security Law and Counter-Espionage Law are already enacted, and the Counter-Terrorism Law, the FNGO Law and the Cybersecurity Law (among others) are now being deliberated upon."

“反家庭暴力法是社会法领域里面大家比较关注的一部法律,这部法律如果没有什么变数的话准备在八月份的常委会进行初审。” "The Anti-Domestic Violence Law is one of the social laws which everyone is focusing on, if there are no changes, then expect that this law will undergo its first deliberation in August."

外媒报道中国强征农地暴力冲突事件 (Foreign media report violent conflicts arising from China’s forced land requisition)
Radio Free Asia, August 12, 2015

China investigates former tourism official for corruption, leaking state secrets
Reuters, August 12, 2015