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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Government Accountability (政府问责)

英国保守党报告批中国人权持续恶化 (British Conservative Party’s report criticizes China’s continuously deteriorating human rights situation)
Voice of America, June 28, 2016

群众一看就懂一用就会, 湖北探索法定途径分类处理信访诉求成效初显 (For the general public, seeing is understanding and using is mastering: Early results from Hubei's exploration into the use of legal channels to categorize and handle appeals requests)
Legal Daily, June 22, 2016

集中整治和加强预防扶贫领域职务犯罪专项工作主题标识发布 (Announcing special efforts focused on repairing and strengthening efforts to prevent crimes of abusing public office in poverty alleviation services)
Procuratorate Daily, June 24, 2016

Senior ideologue kills self over party infighting
Caixin, June 27, 2016