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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

LIVE: Hong Kong lawmakers gather for swearing-in session after gov’t bid to prevent re-taking of oaths
Hong Kong Free Press, October 19, 2016

Hong Kong lawmakers walk out to block swearing-in of democracy activists
The Guardian, October 19, 2016

香港「青年新政」議員重申不會為誓詞道歉 (Hong Kong Youngspiration lawmakers reiterate that they will not apologize for the oath taking)
British Broadcasting Corporation, October 19, 2016

【港大「民主與民族:香港自決路上的兩難」論壇 】 朱凱廸:民族主義難令民主運動壯大 ([HKU discussion forum “Democracy vs nation: Hong Kong’s dilemma on the path of self-determination] Eddie Chu: Nationalism can hardly strengthen democratization movement)
InMedia HK, October 19, 2016

【銅鑼灣書店事件】父親失蹤一年 桂民海女兒Angela撰文嘆中國封鎖資訊:誰會記得我父親和銅鑼灣書店27年? ([Causeway Bay Books] Gui Minhai disappeared for 1 year, daughter Angela’s essay laments China’s information blockade:“Who will ever remember what happened to my father and Causeway Bay Books for 27 years?”)
Ming Pao, October 18, 2016

Who will remember my father, Gui Minhai?
Washington Post, October 17, 2016

【透明國際】批梁振英向《蘋果》發律師信「荒謬」 全球反貪組織主席:如果你沒有做錯事,為何要阻止別人談論? (Anti-corruption NGO Transparency International criticizes CY Leung’s legal threat to Apple Daily as “absurd”: Why stop people from talking about it if you didn’t do wrong?)
Ming Pao, October 19, 2016