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Friday, January 27, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

Lunar New Year fair poster leads to safety concerns about pro-independence activities
South China Morning Post, January 26, 2017

聯合國組織關注傘運警濫權 港府人權報告hea答拒改善 (UN committee expresses concern about police’s abuse of power during Umbrella Movement, unsatisfactory response and lack of improvement in Hong Kong gov’t’s response)
Apple Daily, January 26, 2017

港入境处长:暂无证据向李波提控 (HK Director of Immigration: No evidence to prosecute Lee Bo)
Radio Free Asia, January 26, 2017

彭定康憂英出賣尊嚴換對華生意 指背棄對港承諾 辜負一代香港人 (Patten worries that UK is "selling honor" for business with China, says it breaks promise to Hong Kong, disappoints a generation of Hong Kong people)
Mingpao, January 26, 2017