Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

China to review murder sentence in loan shark killing case
Reuters, March 26, 2017

多起维权案件集中月底审理 被指分散公民声援力量加强威慑 (Multiple rights defender cases to be tried at the end of month, said to aim at diverting support from citizens to strengthen deterrence)
Radio Free Asia, March 28, 2017

蘇昌蘭及陳啟棠被控煽動顛覆國家政權 律師稱周五宣判 (Su Changlan and Chen Qitang charged with inciting subversion of state power, their lawyers say judgment to be handed down on Friday)
Radio Television Hong Kong, March 28, 2017

Accused of “Subversion of State Power,” Su Changlan Is Being Held Illegally, Argues her Attorney
Human Rights in China, February 13, 2017

709大抓捕:吴淦案退补女心理治疗师劝认罪 709家属遭加码监控 (709 Crackdown: Wu Gan’s case returned for further investigation, two female psychologists try to convince Wu Gan to confess, families in “709” subjected to more severe surveillance)
Radio Free Asia, March 28, 2017

以法治思维看待“辱母杀人案”(A look at case of Yu Huan, who committed murder after witnessing his mother being insulted by mob member, from the rule of law point of view)
Financial Times, March 28, 2017