Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong Chief Exec.-elect Carrie Lam says she had no knowledge of pro-democracy leader crackdown, reiterates “unity”
Hong Kong Free Press, March 27, 2017

香港“占中”两年后 九示威领袖接受警察预约拘捕 (Two years after “Occupy Central” in Hong Kong, nine protest leaders accept police’s “arrest by appointment”)
British Broadcasting Corporation, March 27, 2017

環時:彰顯法律尊嚴 指行動與林鄭當選屬「時間巧合」 嘆港有「政治凌駕法律」苗頭 (Global Times: The arrests demonstrate judicial integrity, says it’s a “coincidence” that the arrests take place right after Carrie Lam’s win, expresses concern over the trend of “politics overrides the law” in Hong Kong)
Mingpao, March 28, 2017

涉佔旺期間毆打市民 退休警司朱經緯被控一項襲擊罪 周五提堂 (Retired police commander Franklin Chu King-wai faces assault charge for beating a citizen during “Occupy Mong Kok”, case opens on Friday)
Mingpao, March 27, 2017

What ordinary Hong Kong people thought about the Chief Executive election
South China Morning Post, March 26, 2017