Monday, April 03, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

林郑月娥获北京任命为香港特首 7月1日就任 (Carrie Lam receives Beijing appointment as CE of Hong Kong, to take office on July 1)
Radio France Internationale, March 31, 2017中国/20170331-林郑月娥获北京任命为香港特首-7月1日就任

民主派促林郑月娥撤回压两制的白皮书 (Democrats urge Carrie Lam to repeal white paper that suppresses “two systems”)
Radio France Internationale, April 1, 2017中国/20170401-民主派促林郑月娥撤回压两制的白皮书

“Alarmed and outraged”: Over 200 scholars criticize prosecution of Hong Kong pro-democracy leaders
Hong Kong Free Press, April 1, 2017