Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

习近平指香港矛盾显露 不提民主料对港续推强硬路线 (Xi Jinping says conflict in Hong Kong is visible, does not mention democracy, attracts speculation that Beijing will continue hard line approach for Hong Kong)
Radio France Internationale, April 12, 2017中国/20170412-习近平指香港矛盾显露-不提民主料对港续推强硬路线

One more arrested for alleged rioting during Mong Kok unrest
Hong Kong Free Press, April 4, 2017

Hong Kong lawmaker arrested and charged after flipping flags at legislative meeting
Hong Kong Free Press, April 12, 2017

倒插旗帜算不算侮辱国旗?(Is it flag desecration to place a flag upside down?)
Deutsche Welle, April 12, 2017倒插旗帜算不算侮辱国旗/a-38400026