Monday, April 24, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

给林郑的"紧箍咒"?"未来5年不宜重启政改" (“Political reform wouldn’t be suitable for the next 5 years”, legal scholar from the mainland says)
Deutsche Welle, April 22, 2017给林郑的紧箍咒未来5年不宜重启政改/a-38547874

Beijing official rejects need for development of democracy in Hong Kong over next decade
South China Morning Post, April 22, 2017

大陆法律学者:香港要普选未来10年想都甭想 (Chinese legal scholar: Hong Kong shouldn’t think about universal suffrage for the next 10 years)
Radio France Internationale, April 23, 2017中国/20170423-大陆法律学者:香港要普选未来10年想都甭想

涂謹申指《基本法》寫明普選須完成 質疑王振民動機 (James To doubts Wang Zhenmin’s motivation behind political reform comment, says universal suffrage is guaranteed under the Basic Law)
Radio Television Hong Kong, April 22, 2017

大陆学者建议北京霸王硬上弓为香港基本法23条立法 (Mainland legal scholar advises Beijing to forcibly implement Art. 23 legislation for Hong Kong)
Radio France Internationale, April 22, 2017中国/20170422-大陆学者建议北京霸王硬上弓为香港基本法23条立法