Thursday, April 06, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

Chief executive-elect Carrie Lam heading to Beijing to confirm appointment as Hong Kong’s next leader
South China Morning Post, April 6, 2017

香港议员质疑中联办多次“拜访”特首办 (Hong Kong lawmakers cast doubt about China Liaison Office’s multiple “visits” to Office of Chief Executive)
Radio Free Asia, April 5, 2017

特首辦稱特首與官員不時晤中央駐港機構就合作發展交流 (Office of Chief Executive says CE and officials often meet with state organs in Hong Kong to discuss cooperation and development)
Radio Television Hong Kong, April 5, 2017

雨伞运动两年多后林郑说会面告习总有港人不要8.31框架 (Two years after Umbrella Movement, Carrie Lam says she will tell Xi Jinping that some Hong Kong people do not want “8.31 Framework”)
Radio France Internationale, April 5, 2017中国/20170405-雨伞运动两年多后林郑说会面告习总有港人不要831框架

田北俊警告中资渗透每个行业港人民主梦难圆 (With Chinese-funded businesses infiltrating Hong Kong people’s every aspect of life, it will be hard for Hong Kong’s “democracy dream” to come true, James Tien warns)
Radio France Internationale, April 5, 2017中国/20170405-田北俊警告中资渗透每个行业港人民主梦难圆