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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

Free Liu Xia or face consequences, U.S. lawyer tells China
Voice of America, August 9, 2017

苏州大抓捕持续 徐文石被批捕 (Suzhou crackdown continues, Xu Wenshi is arrested)
Radio Free Asia, August 8, 2017

709吴淦案庭前会议结束 法院坚持不公开审理 吴淦发布开庭前声明 (709 activist Wu Gan’s pre-trial meeting concludes, court continues to refuse public trial, Wu Gan issues pre-trial statement)
Weiquanwang, August 9, 2017

(RFA独家) 新疆维权人士胡军遭严密控制 求助本台吁外界关注 (RFA exclusive: Xinjiang activist Hu Jun suffers severe restrictions, appeals to foreign countries for help and attention)
Radio Free Asia, August 8, 2017

中国一律师因“不当言论”被律师协会调查 (Chinese lawyer investigated by lawyers' association for making “inappropriate comments”)
Voice of America, August 10, 2017

湖南709律师谢阳重返家中 要求拆除监控设施 (709 lawyer Xie Yang returns home and demands surveillance devices be removed)
Radio Free Asia, August 9, 2017