Friday, September 22, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

江西丰城发电厂事故25人涉嫌职务犯罪被立案侦查 (25 put under investigation for allegedly committing crimes while on duty in Jiangxi power plant accident that killed 73 workers)
Beijing News, September 22, 2017

厦门一男子组织出租车车主和司机非法聚集,已被警方刑拘 (Man criminally detained by police in Xiamen for organizing taxi drivers to join illegal assembly)
The Paper, September 21, 2017

Trial of Inner Mongolia petitioner linked to surveillance row adjourned again
Radio Free Asia, September 21, 2017

China strikes off defense lawyer in “Steamed Buns” presidential nickname case
祝圣武律师执照吊销听证会举行 当局阻公民、律师旁听
Radio Free Asia, September 21, 2017