Monday, September 25, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

張曉明稱各界要對港獨零容忍 王志民說支持特首施政 (Zhang Xiaoming: all walks of life should have zero tolerance of Hong Kong independence; Wang Zhiming: will support the chief executive to govern)
Radio Television Hong Kong, September 25, 2017

In Pictures: Protesters attend musical rally in solidarity with Hong Kong’s jailed activists
Hong Kong Free Press, September 25, 2017

團體辦音樂集會聲援在囚者及家屬 何韻詩黃耀明撐場 (Hong Kong groups and singers Denise Ho and Anthony Wong hold concert in support of jailed activists and family members)
Mingpao, September 24, 2017

Ten university heads unite to write nonsense about Hong Kong independence
Hong Kong Free Press, September 23, 2017