Friday, September 08, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

Students clash over Hong Kong independence posters, as Chinese University chief claims “idea” is unconstitutional
Hong Kong Free Press, September 8, 2017

More Hong Kong universities remove pro-independence slogans as student unions decry interference
Hong Kong Free Press, September 7, 2017

陸生張貼海報還撃 周竪峰喝罵再掀衝突 (Mainland students post on Democracy Wall at CUHK against HK independence and get into brawl with former student union chief Ernie Chow)
The Stand News, September 8, 2017陸生張貼海報還撃-周竪峰喝罵再掀衝突/

撕中大民主牆標語女生 內媒轉載共青團中央微博力撐 (Mainland student gets support from Communist Youth League after tearing down pro HK independence poster on Democracy Wall at CUHK)
Mingpao, September 7, 2017

教大學生會已移除民主牆諷刺蔡若蓮兒子墮樓身亡大字報 (Education University of Hong Kong student union removes poster that mocks the suicide of education deputy’s son)
Radio Free Asia, September 8, 2017