Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

国际人权组织担忧香港书商桂民海是否真自由 (Int’l human rights organisations worry whether HK book seller Gui Minhai is really free)
Voice of America, October 26, 2017

劉兆佳料民主派與中央未來20年對普選不會找到共同點 (Liu Zhaojia expects pro democracy camp to find no common ground with Central Government in terms of universal suffrage in next twenty years)
Radio Television Hong Kong, October 26, 2017

林鄭:不排除同步啟動「三步走」 強調非威脅 (Carrie Lam says won’t rule out chance of simultaneously starting “three-step” co-location arrangement and emphasizes that it is not a threat)
Mingpao, October 26, 2017

Images of “dormitory” for mainland officers at Express Rail terminus contradict gov’t claims
FactWire, October 25, 2017

關注組集會抗議 吳靄儀:現況比反831更嚴峻 (Concern group protests against co-location arrangement and Margaret Ng says situation is more dire than NPC’s 831 interoperation of the Basic Law)
Inmediahk, October 25, 2017

Hong Kong’s opposition prevents Carrie Lam’s motion on joint rail checkpoint plan
South China Morning Post, October 25, 2017

Hong Kong police to get awards for security work during visit of Chinese president Xi Jinping
South China Morning Post, October 26, 2017

是否強制學生看《基本法》研討會 林鄭:學生可合上眼 (Carrie Lam says students are not forced to watch seminar on the Basic Law as they can choose to close their eyes)
Radio Televison Hong Kong, October 25, 2017

Activist Joshua Wong freed on bail: We will “fight together” for Hong Kong democracy
Hong Kong Free Press, October 24, 2017