Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

國台辦稱李明哲是否危害安全穩定應由大陸法律判定 (China’s Taiwan Office says whether Lee Ming-che endangered state security should be determined by mainland laws)
Radio Television Hong Kong, November 29, 2017

Beijing warns Taipei against hyping up China's jailing of Taiwanese activist
Reuters, November 29, 2017

法律援助基金会二十年资助办理法援案件四十七万余件, 让一千六百四十万群众直接受益 (Legal Aid Foundation aids 470,000 cases for 20 years and benefits 16.4 million people)
Legal Daily, November 29, 2017

反家暴法施行20个月 人身保护令适用低于预期 反家暴法律制度仍待精细化 (Improvement still needed 20 months after Anti-Domestic Violence Law takes effect)
Legal Daily, November 28, 2017