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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Commentary (评论)

「一帶一路」移植中國式勞資糾紛往海外 (“One Belt One Road” brings Chinese-style labor disputes overseas)
Inmediahk, November 1, 2017

「從小聽黨話,永遠跟黨走」? (“Obeying party since childhood and following party’s footsteps forever”?)
Mingpao, November 1, 2017

香港法律改革委員會前主席:中國削弱香港法治;英國袖手旁觀 (Prof. Carol Jones: UK unwilling to tackle China when it breaches Joint Declaration)
Local Press, October 31, 2017

官方统计删除生育率关键数据有害无益 (Gov't censoring critical birth rate statistics does only harm no good)
Caixin, October 30, 2017