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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Government Accountability (政府问责)

“红黄蓝幼儿园群体猥亵幼童”系编造 (Beijing police says allegation of group sex abuse of children at kindergarten is fabricated)
Beijing News, November 29, 2017

China police say some claims of abuse at Beijing kindergarten unfounded
Reuters, November 29, 2017

被逐北漂 掙扎留京 (Evicted migrants struggle to stay in Beijing)
Mingpao, November 29, 2017

China's government accuses four cities of air pollution failures
Reuters, November 28, 2017

涉军老虎大案张阳畏罪自杀 军媒批以死逃责行为可耻 (Military mouthpiece criticizes senior general Zhang Yang who committed suicide as “despicable”)
Radio Free Asia, November 28, 2017