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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Access to Justice (司法公正)

“I’m being politically persecuted again”: China revokes license of human rights lawyer Sui Muqing
Hong Kong Free Press, January 25, 2018

China detained bookseller Gui Minhai “to stop him from telling his story”
South China Morning Post, January 24, 2018

Catholic bishops “asked to stand aside” in favor of those approved by Beijing: Report
教廷迫原任命主教让位给爱国主教? 梵蒂冈重大让步
Radio Free Asia, January 24, 2018

深圳禁“职业投诉人”恶意举报,包括食品举报却超出合理消费 (Shenzhen bans reports on food safety by “professional complainants” who aim at extorting money from vendors, claiming they “disrupt normal economic market order and affect social harmony and stability”)
Shenzhen Branch of Cyberspace Administration of China, January 24, 2018

35名抗议草场被汉人侵占的蒙古族牧民被判刑 (35 herdsmen from Inner Mongolia sentenced after fighting for grassland rights)
Radio Free Asia, January 24, 2018

中央政法工作会议:矢志不渝做社会主义法治国家建设者 (Guo Shengkun, head of Political and Legal Affairs Commission, claims to firmly resist separation of powers and judicial independence.), January 23, 2018