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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hong Kong (香港)

特首高官齊賀歲 瑞犬護香江 安居樂同行 (Carrie Lam and other senior officials send Chinese New Year wish: As auspicious dogs watch over Hong Kong, let‘s walk together and live peacefully)
Wen Wei Po, February 15, 2018

兩警質疑認人證供 上訴庭受理上訴 (Court of Appeal grants two police officers charged with assaulting Occupy activist to appeal their sentences on basis of allegedly questionable testimony)
Apple Daily, February 15, 2018

Education University “strictly” handled discipline for two students in poster row, but refuses to reveal details
Hong Kong Free Press, February 15, 2018

Hong Kong’s domestic workers share stories of ill-treatment, poor living conditions and rights abuses
South China Morning Post, February 15, 2018

Bar Assoc. says Hong Kong introduced equivalent of “political screening behind closed doors” for election candidates
Hong Kong Free Press, February 14, 2018

Statement of the Hong Kong Bar Association on Disqualification
Hong Kong Bar Association, February 14, 2018

Hong Kong gov’t lagging behind in surveillance laws and routine disclosure, HKU researchers say
Hong Kong Free Press, February 14, 2018

香港支联会年宵摊位悼念六四抗中共威权 (HK Alliance sets up booth at Victoria Park during Chinese New Year to commemorate June Fourth in defiance of CPC’s authoritarian rule)
Radio Free Asia, February 14, 2018