Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Access to Justice (司法公正)

中央政法委启动战略性全局性引领性的十大问题对策研究! (CPC Political and Legal Commission launches “strategic” policy research on 10 overarching topics, including how to realize “absolute Party leadership over political and legal work”)
Legal Daily, Apr 3, 2018

China insists on control of religion, dimming hope of imminent Vatican deal
The New York Times, April 4, 2018

我国宗教工作法治化水平不断提高,十多项法律法规保障宗教信仰自由 (China releases Religious Freedom White Paper: Multiple laws, regulations safeguard religious freedom, including National Security Law and Counterterrorism Law)
Legal Daily, Apr 3, 2018

《中国保障宗教信仰自由的政策和实践》白皮书 (White Paper: Policies and Practices Safeguarding Religious Freedom in China)
   Xinhua News Agency, Apr 3, 2017

Uyghur official arrested for sympathizing with political “Re-Education Camp” detainees
Radio Free Asia, April 3, 2018