Friday, May 11, 2018

Access to Information (信息公开)

「愛國」嘻哈:中國留學生的民族主義與身份焦慮 (Patriotic Hip-Hop: Oversea Chinese student’s nationalism and identity crisis)
British Broadcasting Corporation, May 11, 2018

Chinese broadcaster censors LGBT symbols at Eurovision
British Broadcasting Corporation, May 11, 2018

709家属许艳:余文生律师情况通报—-妻子许艳向办案机关徐州市公安局邮寄信息公开申请 (Xu Yan, wife of detained rights lawyer Yu Wensheng, files information disclosure application against Jiangsu police)
Weiquanwang, May 11, 2018

一批社会直播和短视频网站开展自査 封禁主播2083个 (Live-streaming and short video platforms launch self-inspection teams to screen for violent, vulgar, and other “illegal” content, 1.5 million audio and video programs and 40,000 accounts already shut down)
Xinhua News Agency, May 10, 2018