Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

习近平支持 “爱国爱港科研人员” 参与国家计划 (Xi Jinping: Researchers who "love both China and Hong Kong" are welcome to participate in the national plan)
Radio France Internationale, May 15, 2018中国/20180515-习近平支持爱国爱港科研人员参与国家计划

International writers join Amnesty and PEN in calls for China to free Liu Xiaobo’s "helpless and hopeless" widow
South China Morning Post, May 16, 2018

法国四十位女性呼吁习近平释放她们的“姐妹”刘霞 (Forty French women call on Xi Jinping to release their “sister” Liu Xia)
Radio France Internationale, May 16, 2018中国/20180516-法国四十位女性呼吁习近平释放她们的姐妹刘霞

Detained Chinese dissident singer in hospital, feared tortured
Radio Free Asia, May 15, 2018

中国家庭教会纪念汶川地震受打压,美国务院发声力挺 (Crackdown on Chinese home church commemoration of Wenchuan earthquake, U.S. State Department sends support message)
Voice of America, May 16, 2018

Chinese government's harassment of Early Rain Covenant Church
U.S. Department of State, May 16, 2018

Over a hundred members of the Early Rain Covenant Church taken away by the police
Bitter Winter, May 15, 2018