Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Commentary (评论)

中國還有希望嗎?從中國的公民社會說起 (Is there still hope in China? Let's start from civil society)
Inmediahk, May 2, 2018

香港工人的惡夢,何時終結? (When will Hong Kong workers’ nightmare be over?)
Inmediahk, May 2, 2018

Hong Kong’s pan-democrat lawmakers should accept Beijing’s hand of friendship
South China Morning Post, May 2, 2018

Xi Jinping and the third Chinese revolution
The Diplomat, May 2, 2018

Taiwan shining: the island with global potential as a tech and free speech stronghold
Hong Kong Free Press, May 1, 2018

Authoritarian China should immediately set Liu Xia free
The Asahi Shimbun, May 1, 2018

France’s Macron buys into China’s rights vision
Human Rights Watch, April 27, 2018