Thursday, May 17, 2018

Government Accountability (政府问责)

172位美众议员联名致函WHO秘书长强烈敦促无条件让台湾参与WHA (In joint letter to WHO, 172 U.S. Congress members strongly urge Taiwan’s unconditional participation in World Health Assembly)
Radio France Internationale, May 17, 2018中国/20180517-172位美众议员联名致函who秘书长强烈敦促无条件让台湾参与wha

国际社会推新一波拯救刘霞努力中国当局警告尊重中国主权与司法 (As international community shows new round of support for Liu Xia, Chinese authorities warn diplomats to respect Chinese sovereignty and judicial power)
Radio France Internationale, May 17, 2018中国/20180517-国际社会推新一波拯救刘霞努力中国当局警告尊重中国主权与司法

美专家: 中国以“一带一路”为掩护,输出专制破坏民主 (U.S. experts: China’s Belt and Road is a cover for exporting autocracy, destroying democracy)
Voice of America, May 17, 2018