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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Commentary (评论)

Hong Kong: freedoms rapidly deteriorating
Human Rights Watch, June 27, 2018

終審法院本質上是一個政治法庭(文:邵善波) (Shiu Sin-Por: Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal is in its essence a political court)
Mingpao, June 28, 2018

【專訪】哥大人權學者司馬霑﹕犯法的不是政治人物,而是政府 (Interview with human rights scholar James Seymour: government—not political activists—is the law breaker)
The Stand News, June 28, 2018專訪-哥大人權學者司馬霑-犯法的不是政治人物-而是政府/