Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Government Accountability (政府问责)

Tycoon Gu Chujun’s case review provides latest test of China’s treatment of private sector
South China Morning Post, June 13, 2018

Chinese women struggle for workplace equality
Financial Times, June 13, 2018

廣州漢羈押期間亡 家屬逾2年後獲悉遺體將火化 (Family members of Zhang Liumao, who died mysteriously in detention, receive cremation notice after being denied right to view Zhang’s body for 2 years)
Oriental Daily News, June 13, 2018

流亡藏人丹增唯色:中国境内家属遭拘押迫害 (Chinese authorities detain and harass family members of exiled Tibetan Tenzin Woeser)
Radio Free Asia, June 12, 2018