Thursday, July 19, 2018

Access to Justice (司法公正)

李文足質疑丈夫王全璋受到嚴重酷刑折磨 (Li Wenzu suspects torture and forced medication on Wang Quanzhang during detention)
Radio Television Hong Kong, July 19, 2018

刘卫国律师:关于代理王全璋律师涉嫌“颠覆国家政权”案辩护事宜的进展通报 (Wang Quanzhang’s lawyer on progress on his representation of Wang’s “subversion of state power” case)
Chinese Human Rights Defenders, July 18, 2018

广州画家因创作“泼墨”画作被刑事拘留 (Guangzhou painter criminally detained for ink splashing)
Voice of America, July 18, 2018