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Friday, July 06, 2018

Access to Justice (司法公正)

人权观察呼吁中国释放被抓捕律师 (Human Rights Watch urges China to release detained rights lawyers)
Voice of America, July 6, 2018

709案三周年 家属发起感恩行 (Family members of rights lawyers begin “March of Gratitude” as third anniversary of 709 Incident approaches)
Radio Free Asia, July 5, 2018

最高检将新设公益诉讼检察厅,保障更好地履行检察公益诉讼 (Supreme People's Procuratorate to add public interest litigation procuratorate division)
Procuratorate Daily WeChat, July 6, 2018

China holds journalist who wrote articles criticizing Hunan officials
实名举报官员 媒体人陈杰人被带走调查
Radio Free Asia, July 6, 2018

「潑墨女孩」下落不明 網友仿效行動 肇慶習近平宣傳畫像被塗泥漿 (“Ink woman” goes viral, inspires imitation)
The Stand News, July 6, 2018潑墨女孩-下落不明-網友仿效行動-肇慶習近平宣傳畫像被塗泥漿

衡水桃城法院司法建议:限制“老赖”子女就读高收费学校 (Hebei court proposes to restrict debt defaulters’ children from attending expensive schools)
Hengshui Taocheng People's Court WeChat, July 6, 2018

Interview: witness recalls “the smell of innocent blood” from July 5, 2009
Radio Free Asia, July 5, 2018