Friday, July 13, 2018

Commentary (评论)

刘晓波逝世一周年:刘霞与恐惧笼罩的中国(Liu Xiaobo’s anniversary: Liu Xia and China’s looming fear)
BBC News, July 13, 2018

Liu Xia’s freedom shows China can still be pressured
Foreign Policy, July 13, 2018

法治课|知名高校称父亲失信将不予录取其儿子,是否于法有据 (Is barring children of “people who lost trust” from entering schools lawful?)
The Paper, July 13, 2018

德国:历史原因造就的异见人士庇护所 (Germany: a dissident’s sanctuary made by history)
BBC News, July 13, 2018