Thursday, July 05, 2018

Commentary (评论)

評QT判決:同性伴侶權利之法律戰 (QT judgment: definition of marriage unchanged, same-sex couples’ legal rights still unequal)
The Stand News, July 4, 2018評qt判決-同性伴侶權利之法律戰/

【觸不得的紅線.3】我曾把自己當中國人 — 專訪西藏流亡政府駐台代表 (I used to identify as Chinese, says Dalai Lama’s former translator)
The Stand News, July 4, 2018台灣/觸不得的紅線-3-我曾把自己當中國人-專訪西藏流亡政府駐台代表/

China’s Belt and Road: exporting evangelism?
The Diplomat, July 4, 2018