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Friday, July 06, 2018

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong says prison complaints system is a “black box operation”
Hong Kong Free Press, July 6, 2018

斥懲教署投訴組黑箱作業 黃之鋒入稟民事索償 冀盤問涉事職員 (Joshua Wong seeks damages in civil suit after complaint to Correctional Services Department dismissed)
Mingpao, July 6, 2018

【同志伴侶簽證案】何君堯:判決如木馬屠城 批法官制訂法律 (Legislators see QT judgment threat to traditional marriage, plan to close “loophole”)
The Stand News, July 5, 2018同志伴侶簽證案-何君堯-判決如木馬屠城-批法官制訂法律/