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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Government Accountability (政府问责)

Taiwan grateful to United Airlines for imaginative website solution to “one China” rule
South China Morning Post, August 29, 2018

P2P平台新联在线涉嫌非法吸收公众存款被立案侦查 (P2P platform Xinlian Online under investigation for illegally absorbing public deposits)
Beijing News, August 29, 2018

少林寺升国旗 佛家弟子争爱党 (National flags fly at Shaolin monasteries as monk brought into patriotism campaign)
Voice of America, August 29, 2018

全国上半年共查处扶贫领域腐败和作风问题4.53万个处理6.15万人 (In first half of year, 45,300 poverty alleviation corruption cases are investigated, 61,500 held accountable)
Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, August 29, 2018