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Friday, August 03, 2018

Hong Kong (香港)

Judge ruling a blow to transgender rights in Hong Kong as inmates told they must do time according to their biology not what they identify as
South China Morning Post, August 3, 2018

準變性人囚犯不滿被囚男子監獄提覆核 獲裁部分勝訴(Transgender inmate receives partial victory in appeal)
Radio Television Hong Kong, August 3, 2018

Beijing tells Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club to call off talk by separatist party leader Andy Chan Ho-tin
South China Morning Post, August 3, 2018

“They are treating Hong Kong like parts of China”: Pro-independence activist Andy Chan condemns move to censor talk
Hong Kong Free Press, August 3, 2018

聲援深圳佳士工人鬥爭 組織獨立工會無罪 (Socialist Action issues statement to support Shenzhen Jasic workers)
Inmediahk, August 3, 2018

中國「國家藝術基金」開放港澳台申請 重點資助謳歌黨國項目 (China National Arts Fund opens to applicants in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, encourages projects on praising Party and country)
The Stand News, August 3, 2018中國-國家藝術基金-開放港澳台申請-重點資助謳歌黨國項目/

Court of Appeal calls on Hong Kong government to do more to investigate forced labor
South China Morning Post, August 3, 2018

Hong Kong’s poor forced to eat food only fit “for pigs and dogs” as city’s money-hungry companies exploit need for basic items
South China Morning Post, August 3, 2018