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Monday, August 13, 2018

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

China releases 3-year action plan for information technology consumption
Technode, August 13, 2018

《扩大和升级信息消费三年行动计划(2018-2020年)》解读 (How to read the 3-year Action Plan for Expanding and Upgrading Information Consumption (2018-2020))
Ministry of Information and Information Technology, August 10, 2018

研究人权 德国留学生被迫离开中国 (German student at Tsinghua University is forced to leave for research on human rights)
Radio France Internationale, August 12, 2018中国/20180812-研究人权-德国留学生被迫离开中国

A former Google China exec says the company’s plan to build a censored search engine in the country is likely a violation of human rights
Business Insider, August 10, 2018

谷歌前高管批谷歌重返中国是“愚蠢”的决定 (Former Google exec criticizes Google’s decision to return to China as “stupid”)
Voice of America , August 11, 2018

How Google is developing its censored search engine
China Digital Times, August 11, 2018