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Friday, September 14, 2018

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong foreign press club’s lease was authorized by former chief executive CY Leung in 2015
Hong Kong Free Press, September 13, 2018

A political party in Hong Kong may soon make history by being banned
The Economist, September 13, 2018

【取締民族黨】期限今屆滿 陳浩天:暫未提交申述 (Hong Kong National Party has yet to make submission, deadline is today)
The Stand News, September 14, 2018取締民族黨-期限今屆滿-陳浩天-暫未提交申述/

申請法援被拒 陳浩天放棄選舉呈請上訴 (Application for legal aid refused, HKNP Chan Ho Tin foregoes appeal on election petition)
The Stand News, September 13, 2018申請法援被拒-陳浩天放棄選舉呈請上訴/

China’s top official on Hong Kong says his office must act as “guardian” of “one country, two systems” policy
Hong Kong Free Press, September 14, 2018

【朱經緯上訴失敗】高院法官:朱無真誠悔意 立下非常壞例子 (Police officer who assaulted civilians in Umbrella Movement loses appeal and returns to prison, judge criticizes him as “extremely bad example”)
The Stand News, September 14, 2018朱經緯上訴失敗-高院法官-朱無真誠悔意-立下非常壞例子