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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Access to Justice (司法公正)

黃琦當庭炒律師 審訊中斷 (According to reports, Huang Qi dismisses lawyer to protect lawyer’s safety, trial suspended)
Ming Pao, January 17, 2019

Trial suspended as Sichuan activist Huang Qi reportedly dismissed his lawyer
Human Rights in China, January 16, 2019

Canada asks China for clemency for convicted drug trafficker sentenced to death
Agence France-Presse, January 17, 2019

Canadian sentenced to death in China for drug smuggling will appeal
The New York Times, January 17, 2019

助村民反填海 廣東維權律師陳武權 尋釁滋事判監5年 (Rights lawyer Chen Wuquan sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for helping villagers oppose land-reclamation project)
The Stand News, January 16, 2019

数十家世界500强外企官网错误标识我国港澳台地区,专家建议依法处置错误标识中国领土行为 (CASS research cites 83 websites of Fortune 500 companies that ignore PRC “sovereignty and territorial integrity,” and mislabel Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan; experts recommend punishment)
Legal Daily, January 16, 2019

习近平出席中央政法工作会议并发表重要讲话 (Xi Jinping at Central Political Legal Work Conference: “Uphold absolute Party leadership over political and legal work,” “turn advantages of our nation’s socialist system into effective social governance”
The Central People's Government, January 16, 2019

中国民营企业家:永远在通往监狱路上? (Are China’s private entrepreneurs always on their way to prison?)
Radio Free Asia, January 16, 2019