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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Hong Kong (香港)

“Where were the police?” Hong Kong outcry after masked thugs launch attack
The Guardian, July 22, 2019

王永平形容元朗暴力事件是有預謀及有計劃「恐怖襲擊」(Former government official describes Yuen Long incident as a planned “terrorist attack”)
Radio Television Hong Kong, July 23, 2019

【元朗襲擊】朱凱廸質疑元朗事件早已部署 (Yuen Long attacks planned, directed by Liaison Office, says lawmaker Eddie Chu)
Ming Pao, July 23, 2019

【元朗懷疑警黑勾結事件】中年漢:畀我哋趕佢走 八鄉指揮官李漢民:心領嘅,唔使擔心 (“I appreciate your efforts”: Police commander filmed chatting with triad member after refusing to answer reporters’ questions)
The Stand News, July 22, 2019

Hong Kong police chief defends officers arriving 35 minutes after first reports of Yuen Long mob violence against protesters and MTR passengers
South China Morning Post, July 22, 2019

Hong Kong press associations “strongly condemn” attacks on journalists at Yuen Long MTR station
South China Morning Post, July 22, 2019

【元朗群毆市民】警拘 6 男 部分有黑社會背景 全部涉非法集結 (Police arrest 6 for illegal assembly connected to Yuen Long attacks)
The Stand News, July 23, 2019

Hong Kong police to launch raids on white-clad thugs, including members of 14K and Wo Shing Wo triad gangs, who unleashed terror on protesters and bystanders in Yuen Long
South China Morning Post, July 22, 2019

Video: Office of Hong Kong pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho trashed as dozens protest response to Yuen Long attacks
Hong Kong Free Press, July 22, 2019

Hong Kong commerce chamber joins protesters on bill withdrawal
Bloomberg, July 22, 2019

香港總商會:元朗駭人襲擊深惡痛絕 必須立刻成立調查委員會 不稱職官員必須問責 (Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce urges full withdrawal of extradition bill, independent commission of inquiry, and negligent officials to step down)
The Stand News, July 22, 2019