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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Hong Kong (香港)

Two more teachers banned from Hong Kong schools over links to ‘social turmoil’
Hong Kong Free Press, May 4, 2021

Hong Kong protests: students say lifetime ban on teacher over ‘biased’ materials unfair and disproportionate
South China Morning Post, May 3, 2021

Largest protest group in Hong Kong rejects police request for records and funding details in face of probe
Hong Kong Free Press, May 4, 2021

7.1遊行 8名民主派被控煽惑集結等罪 押後至7月再訊(Eight pro-democracy figures charged over an unauthorized anti-national security law protest in 2020), May 4, 2021

New Data Show Hong Kong’s National Security Arrests Follow a Pattern
ChinaFile, May 4, 2021

Embattled Hong Kong public broadcaster RTHK is still free to criticise government, Lam says, provided it is ‘objective, fair’
South China Morning Post, May 4, 2021

港台節目製作人員工會回應管理層刪片聲明:昔日節目是公共資源 是港人共同財產(RTHK Programme Staff Union's statement on management's decision to delete clips from YouTube & Facebook: Previous programmes are public resources and Hong Kong people's shared assets)
RTHK Programme Staff Union, May 3, 2021

【47人案】梁晃維辭任中西區區議員(Fergus Leung Fong-wai, one of the 47 pro-democracy figures arrested, resigns from Central and Western district councilor post)
Stand News, May 4, 2021

理大衝突涉助示威者離開 21人被控其中3人缺席提訊(21 charged over assisting protestors to leave at PolyU siege in 2019)
Radio Television Hong Kong, May 4, 2021

Beijing to oversee election body
The Standard, May 4, 2021

Legal experts launch advice website for Hongkongers amid growing number of arrests and charges
Hong Kong Free Press, May 4, 2021