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Monday, February 05, 2018

Access to Justice (司法公正)

狱中福建人权律师纪斯尊境况危殆 处于昏迷状态 靠输氧呼吸 无法正常交谈 (Jailed Fujian human rights lawyer Ji Sizun, in coma and critical conditions)
Weiquanwang, February 4, 2018

China, the Vatican and a controversial deal
British Broadcasting Corporation, February 4, 2018

吊销隋牧青律师证听证会今召开 各地律师、维权人士云集广州声援 (Guangzhou Justice Bureau hears Sui Muqing’s disbarment, lawyers and human rights defenders show up in solidarity)
Weiquanwang, February 3, 2018

关注隋牧青律师吊牌事件联署签名活动正式结束 联署达2,788人 (2,788 people join petition in protest against disbarment of Sui Muqing)
Weiquanwang, February 3, 2018